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Uganda: Army Says Trial of Soldiers in Central African Republic Sexual Crimes to Start

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KAMPALA–The Ugandan military on Monday said it is prosecuting some of its troops over sexual crimes committed in the Central African Republic (CAR).

Brig. Richard Karemire, the military spokesman said the trial of errant soldiers who served under an African Union force to eliminate the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels starts after completion of army investigations into the allegations.

“We received the report of sexual exploitation and abuses in CAR. Our leadership directed an investigation which has been done. As a result of that, we have taken punitive measures. We have a number of our soldiers who are being tried,” said Karemire, noting that two officers are among those being prosecuted.

“We continue to educate our officers and soldiers in that area [sexual abuses]so that they don’t fall, victims of such problems in future, when they are deployed abroad or even internally within Uganda,” he added.

Human rights groups in May accused Ugandan troops deployed in CAR of being involved in sexual exploitation and abuses against girls and women.

The organizations said at least 13 women and three girls were abused since 2015.

Ugandan troops have been deployed in CAR since 2009 as part of a regional force to fight the LRA rebels hiding in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and CAR jungles.

In August this year, the troops totaling to 2,500 were withdrawn from CAR after completion of the mission.

Source: Xinhua

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